Jar Stirrers and other specialist equipment for professionals in the Water Treatment Industry & Consultancy.

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Boltac JarStar FS6005

The Boltac Jar Stirrer family provides high quality flocculation simulation for professionals in the Water Treatment Industry.

Users of the Boltac Jar Stirrer can simulate water treatment conditions using only a few litres of water, and obtain results in about half an hour, which can be applied to the real plant.

This jar test can take the guesswork out of water treatment, and deliver real dollar, time and environmental savings due to reductions in the chemicals used.

The end result is Quality Assurance for Water Treatment Industry.

Removes Guesswork

Simplifies Evaluations

Easy comparison of Chemical Effects

Results in half an hour

Maintains Quality Assurance in Plant Operation

Improves Environmental Aspects of Plant Operation

Saves Money by preventing Over and Underdosing of Chemicals

Made in New Zealand

The Boltac Jar Stirrer has been designed and manufactured by people in the New Zealand Water Treatment Industry. Patents have been registered in NZ, Australia, Canada, U.K. and the U.S.A. Stainless steel chassis for easy cleaning, and built in illumination.

Already it has set the standard for modern water treatment practices in New Zealand, and is now being marketed around the world.


  • Municipal water treatment plants
  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Paper industries
  • Freezing work, abatoirs
  • Automotive assembly plants, painting division
  • Chemical sales representatives
  • Polytechnic Institutions
  • Bodies instrumental in environmental control of effluent disposal
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