Chemiplas NZ Ltd and Chemiplas Aust Pty Ltd., are significant suppliers of water treatment products to Municipal and Industrial Plants in both NZ and Australia and we have been supplying these markets for over 45 years. A large part of our supply philosophy is based on providing recommended product selections and reviewing these on-going to ensure optimised usage and treatment – to this end we have been using the Boltac Gang Stirrers/Jar Stirrers/Jar Testers for many years (Chemiplas purchased the very first commercially available unit in 1991 and it is still in regular use today)! We find them to be extremely reliable and are simply the best on the market for coagulant and flocculant evaluations. Boltac have always been very pro-active in supporting their products and are always looking to improve the units to provide more efficient evaluations. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Boltac Stirrers to anyone who wishes to evaluate water treatment products for improved efficiency and operational gains. We would be happy to discuss further as required.
Chemiplas NZ Ltd Boltac testimonial
Duncan Leigh
Chemiplas NZ Ltd Director