Carbon Dioxide Diffuser

CO2 Diffuser- pH control of chlorine sample prior to Cl2 measurement

Designed and manufactured to successfully stabilise pH of chlorine sample prior digital/automatic Cl 2 residual analysis in water treatment. The device has been successfully used in situations where other electronic controls have not met the plant requirement for stringent control/recording of chlorine residual. Use of this device not only leads to better chlorination control, it provides an extra layer of quality assurance and often leads to better chlorine efficiency.


Gas (CO2) is metred through a rotameter tube where flow rates can be observed and recorded. The gas is then introduced to the sample within the diffuser element, the resultant “solution” is then flowed to the chlorine residual analyser.


Usually, a 70kg gas cylinder lasts for months (dependent on requirements).

Diffuser Instructions

Please download diffuser instructions from HERE.