JarStar 3 FS6000 series

Looking for a 4, 5, or 6 Jar stirrer for conducting coagulation/ flocculation tests in raw water samples in order to determine the optimum dose for water clarification?

Look no further: This unit can run manually, and via a built in 5- step program. The machine can be supplied with a base, individual paddle that can be raised and locked in place, or without base (to facilitate simultaneous paddle raising by just lifting the whole stirrer from the jars and placing it behind the jars).

Fitted with more than adequate lightning to view jar testing and floc settling process, using modern, adjustable intensity LED illumination.

You’ll be expecting the unit to be rugged, compact, and lightweight, then, again, look no further. Similarly, you may want the unit to be supplied with a carry case and operation manual on the jar testing process, consider it done.

Boltac JarStar FS6005
Boltac JarStar3 FS6006 version